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You want the sale of your house to go smoothly.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city where people love to live. That is useful because it ensures that there is probably a lot of interest in the house you want to sell. Anyone can put a house up for sale, but successfully selling a house is a profession. You want to sell your house for a good price and under the right conditions. Together with someone who stands next to you and tells how it really is. Perfect, that's why you call us in. Fair Real Estate Agents. Honest Advice.

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Therefore The Perfect House


Honesty is in everything. In big and small things. We are honest and open about what we think throughout the whole sales process. We show you around in the not very transparent Amsterdam housing market. We never have a double agenda, we always choose what is best for you.


We are going on this journey together with you. That is how many people experience selling their house, as an adventurous journey in unknown territory. We are there for you, not only on business level but also for your personal story. And we understand that selling your house is about more than just selling bricks.


We are just genuinely nice, sympathetic and authentic people. We do not mince words, we behave exactly as we are in all situations. We stand with both feet on the ground and say it like it is, even if that means that we do not purchase or sell a house.


You only buy and sell a house a few times in your life. That is why you want someone next to you who knows exactly what is going on in the Amsterdam housing market. We know for what prices the houses are sold and for what price we should put your house on the market to gain the best deal for you.


Good negotiation is a very important part of brokerage. Because you want the right price for your home. And not only that, you also want the right sales conditions. We take care of that.


We are a small and close team. You are always dealing with 1 broker, your broker. Who sticks to your situation and wishes. And does everything to achieve the utmost result. Because every customer counts.

What steps are involved in the sales of your house.

Free introduction
Order confirmation and sales strategy
Collection of Information on your house
Free interior styling advice
Photography and video
Measure house survey and 2D and 3D floor plan
Prepare advertisement
On and offline promotion of your home
Viewings and negotiation
Signing the sales contract
Transfer of the house


We use a commission fee that depends on the value of your home. We think that's fair. Below you see the brokerage fees, including 21% VAT.

House values between € 0 - € 600.000
1,2% commission
House values between € 600.000 - € 1000.000
1,0% commission
House values between € 1000.000 - € 5.000.000
0,8% commission

Our fee includes VAT. Start-up costs are € 600 also incl. 21% VAT.

What customers say about us

Customers rate us with a:

"This is the young real estate office you want to do business with! Professional, flexible, knowledgeable and very service-oriented. Everything I did not have to do myself was taken off my hands. Even the delivery. Thanks to their pricing, I got 40,000.00 more than what I even hoped for."

Dhr. de Boer
Hugo de Grootkade 66

"Very good experience with Jasper from The Perfect House. Really a very reliable broker. I didn't expect to ever write such a positive review for a broker but for us he really got the most out of it, even more than we expected. In addition, his rate is very competitive and has a lot of knowledge about the local market in Amsterdam West. An absolute must. "

Dhr. S. Mutsaards
Vancouverstraat 2-I

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