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The housing market in Amsterdam is extremely difficult. It seems as if everyone wants to live here ánd preferably in a selfowned property. Understandable, Amsterdam is a city to fall in love with and there are so many great houses for sale.

Buying a property without a local real estate agency is in Amsterdam almost impossible. You can use help with questions like: ‘What exactly can you buy for my budget’, ‘Is the construction of the house in good shape and ‘What are the Owners Association rules’. And when you have found The Perfect House, what price should you offer? All this requires knowledge of and experience with the Amsterdam housing market.

Because you do not have either or do not have enough, you can engage us. We do nothing but buying and selling houses. So leave the bidding and negotiation to us, so you can focus on your perfect home.

We offer you a free and completely non-binding buying consultancy meeting. During this get together we can get acquainted, share our buying tips and explain our working methods. And ofcourse investigate your property wishes and determine whether these wishes match the current market.
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Therefore The Perfect House


Good preparation is half the battle
It is important to know exactly which criteria your new house must meet. And to know how realistic your wishes are in combination with the available budget. Or maybe you should look in a different neighborhood or for a smaller amount of square metres. The clearer we can make your wishes, the easier the search will be.


Searching for your perfect home
When a house comes on the market that meets your whishes, we quickly schedule an appointment so that we are at one of the first viewings. That can provide an advantage over other prospective buyers.


Viewings together
We are present together with you at all viewings. This way we can give you the best and honest advice about the construction condition, marketability and renovation possibilities. We know the neighborhood and can estimate its fair market value. Either way, you always get our honest opinion.


Bidding and negotiating
You want to buy the viewed house! We have thoroughly examined the documents of the house and informed you about all details. Together we decide on your best offer ánd the (resolutive) conditions and start the negotiation. Of course you already checked with a financial expert exactly what you can spend.


The buy
Good news, your offer is accepted! There is an agreement with the landlord on price and conditions. We keep the momentum going by signing the buy contract as soon as possible. A signed contract gives you security the sale actually continues. Of course we also help you in this phase with the assessment of all papers and find you a suitable notary.


The transfers
Finally, the time has come to call yourself the owner of the house. The date of transfer is listed in the buy contract. Before we go to the notary for signing the contract of delivery, we walk through the house with the landlord. If all is well, it is exactly like when you visited it, but then more empty. But in just a little while you are the new landlord!


We use a commission fee that depends on the value of your home. We think that's fair. Below you see the brokerage fees, including 21% VAT.

House values between € 0 - € 600.000
1,2% commission
House values between € 600.000 - € 1000.000
1,0% commission
House values between € 1000.000 - € 5.000.000
0,8% commission

Our fee includes VAT. Start-up costs are € 600 also incl. 21% VAT.

What customers say about us

Customers rate us with a:

"This is the young real estate office you want to do business with! Professional, flexible, knowledgeable and very service-oriented. Everything I did not have to do myself was taken off my hands. Even the delivery. Thanks to their pricing, I got 40,000.00 more than what I even hoped for."

Dhr. de Boer
Hugo de Grootkade 66

"Very good experience with Jasper from The Perfect House. Really a very reliable broker. I didn't expect to ever write such a positive review for a broker but for us he really got the most out of it, even more than we expected. In addition, his rate is very competitive and has a lot of knowledge about the local market in Amsterdam West. An absolute must. "

Dhr. S. Mutsaards
Vancouverstraat 2-I

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